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TrojanHunter 5.0 Beta 1 Released!

The first beta version of TrojanHunter 5 is now ready for testing! Featuring an improved user interface and some exciting scan engine changes under the hood, this version of TrojanHunter is the best ever.


Please report any and all bugs here or by email ([email protected]). Note that using the beta will start your trial period. However, we will provide an additional 30-day trial period upon request to any beta tester who wishes to test out the final version.

What’s new in TrojanHunter 5.0?

  • Redesigned, polished user interface
  • Schedule page allows scheduling of LiveUpdate and TrojanHunter scans
  • Optional automatic cleaning of trojans found during scheduled scans
  • During a scheduled scan, TrojanHunter Scanner runs invisibly so as to not get in the user’s way. If trojans are found, however, a message box alert is displayed, and optional automatic cleaning initiated. This happens even if no user is logged in to the computer when the scan is run.
  • New file analyzer in engine ensures all files are scanned correctly according to content, no matter what extension they have
  • TrojanHunter now scans inside RARSFX archives
  • Scanning inside resources embedded in Windows PE executables, as well as numerous other scan engine improvements.