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How to Monitor Your Web Sites using Alertra

If you have a web site with a reasonable amount of traffic and are concerned about it going down or becoming unavailable without you knowing about it, then this post is for you. Alertra allows you to monitor your web sites and get notified if they become unavailable. Alertra has numerous servers around the globe that the company uses to connect to your server. If it notices that one of your servers has gone down you can receive an email, text (SMS) message or an alert to a pager. You can even get an automated voice phone call if a service goes down. (Alertra allows you monitor other services such as SMTP servers as well.)

And no, we’re not affiliated to the company in any way. We do however use their services to monitor and So far this has worked flawlessly, and allows us to correct any problems with the web site very rapidly. The service is very reasonably priced with the monthly charge depending on how often you want Alertra to check up on your servers. As an example, an twice-hourly check of your web server costs $1.95 per month with a charge of $0.19 for each text message sent out if your service goes down. Email alerts are free of charge. You can see the complete pricing here.