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CacheFire 0.9 Beta Released!

CacheFire is a history manager for Mozilla Firefox 3.0 and later. It allows you to specify URLs or part of URLs which should not be kept in the browsing history. Any URL that matches one of the configured strings is removed from the browsing history as soon as you visit the matching page.

This is a first beta version. You must run Firefox 3.0 since CacheFire will not work with earlier versions. Any and all feedback is very welcome! Please don’t hesitate to suggest features, improvements — all constructive criticism is welcome.



Simply run the setup file linked to above. If Firefox is running during installation it must be restarted before CacheFire will function (the program should inform you about this)

How to use the program

After the GUI has started, enter a string; say and click Add. Switch to Firefox and press Ctrl+H to bring up the history panel.

Now browse to You should see the history item for first being added to the browsing history and a moment later removed by CacheFire.

Support/Feature Suggestions/Contact

Email [email protected] or post your question at