Analysis of the Buschtrommel Trojan

Magnus Mischel


It was brought to my attention that Buschtrommel is one of the latest trojans that will disable security software such as anti-trojan programs and firewalls. After analyzing it as I always do with new trojans so that they can be added to the TrojanHunter database, I thought it might be a good idea to post the results here. Some new things came up, and I thought it best to let everyone know about them.

To begin with, here is a short excerpt from the Buschtrommel readme file (translated from german):

Version: Beta 2
Written by Natok
This tool was created to demostrate the weaknesses of firewalls. 
It should be used for educational purposes only and the author 
assumes no responsibility for what you do with it.
Well, nothing new here. BioNet 3.12 did the same thing. Could this trojan have something else up its sleeve?

To create some bait for the trojan, I installed The Cleaner 3.2 on a fresh installation of Windows 98 and then made two copies of notepad.exe, naming them avp32.exe and frw.exe to simulate anti-virus software (KAV) and a firewall (ConSeal PC Firewall). After setting up some logging facilities I started the trojan server. Immediately upon running the file, The Cleaner and my two copies of Notepad died. A result of the trojan using TerminateProcess, no doubt.

KAV, ConSeal and The Cleaner... What More?

To find out what software the trojan targets, I decided to take a look at what readable strings lurked inside the trojan server executable. The file was packed with a popular executable packer (UPX), so I had to unpack it to be able to take a peek inside. Searching for strings, the following came up as highly suspicious:
305425: _AVP32.EXE
305445: _AVPCC.EXE
305465: _AVPM.EXE
305485: AVP32.EXE
305505: AVPCC.EXE
305525: AVPM.EXE
305545: AVP.EXE
305633: NAVAPW32.EXE
305657: NAVW32.EXE
305781: ICLOAD95.EXE
305805: ICMON.EXE
305825: ICSUPP95.EXE
305961: IFACE.EXE
306065: ANTS.EXE
306085: guard.EXE
306105: fast.EXE
306189: Anti-Trojan.exe
306285: iamapp.exe
306305: iamserv.exe
306389: FRW.EXE
306477: blackice.exe
306501: blackd.exe
306516: SVW3
306593: zonealarm.exe
306617: vsmon.exe
306721: WrCtrl.exe
306741: WrAdmin.exe
306853: cleaner3.exe
306877: cleaner.exe
306897: tca.exe
306913: MooLive.exe
306997: lockdown2000.exe
307089: Sphinx.exe
307173: tfak.exe
307297: VSHWIN32.EXE
307389: VSSTAT.EXE
337829: Try to kill Firewalls and Anti-Vir tools..
337893: Software\McAfee\McAfee Firewall\CurrentVersion\McAfee Firewall
337965: Warn:Allow Everything
337997: Warn:Block Everything
338029: McAfee Firewall disabled
338077: McAfee Firewall enabled
338113: *KILLAVP*
338133: *KILLNAV*
338153: *KISOPO*
338173: *KILLANTS*
338221: *KILLPANDA*
338241: ATKILL
338277: ICEKILL
338293: ZONEKILL
338313: WRKILL
338329: *KILLCLEAN*
338349: *KIMACA*
338369: *KISPHINX*
338389: *KILLTFAK*
338409: *LOCKKILL*
338441: Software\WRQ\IAM\FirewallState
338481: FilterEnabled
338505: At Guard disabled
338533: SPHINX
338549: Software\Biodata\SPHINX
338581: Sphinx found.
338617: Software\WRQ\IAM\Installation Info
338661: Path
338677: At Guard : 
338697: ZONE
338713: Software\Zone Labs\ZoneAlarm
338777: Zone Alarm Version : 
338809: CONSEAL
338825: Software\Signal 9 Solutions\ConSeal PC FIREWALL
338881: InstallPath
338901: Conseal  : 
338921: CLEAN3
338937: Software\MooSoft Development\The Cleaner
338989: install_dir
339009: Cleaner3 : 
339041: Software\TinySoftware\WinRoute
339081: InstDir
339097: Tiny Software : 
339125: *NIS?*
339141: Software\Symantec\InstalledApps
339181: Norton Internet Security
339217: NIS :
339233: *NFS01*
339249: system\CurrentControlSet\Services\VxD\VNETSUP
339317: FileSharing
339337: ATI01
339353: IcmpFilterEnabled
339381: At Guard ICMP disabled
339413: ATI011
339429: At Guard ICMP enabled
339461: ATI02
339477: Software\WRQ\IAM\Filters
339513: All Filters
339533: At Guard Filters disabled
339569: ATI022
339585: At Guard Filters enabled
339621: ATI03
339637: FilterLearningModeEnabled
339673: At Guard learning mode disabled
339713: ATI033
339729: At Guard learning mode enabled
340121: Network ICE/BlackICE/RemoveAutoRun.BAT
340169: Black ICE Autorun disabled
340205: Black ICE not found
340253: Network ICE/BlackICE/StopBlackd.BAT
340297: Black ICE stopped
340325: BLACKLOG0
340345: Network ICE/BlackICE/blackice.ini
340389: disabled
340409: packetLog.logging
340437: Packet Logging
340461: Packet Logging disabled
340493: BLACKLOG1
340513: enabled
340529: Packet Logging enabled
340581: backTrace.nbnodestatus
340613: Back Trace
340633: Traceing disabled
340681: Traceing enabled
340709: ICQ_NOT
340737: \SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Registry\Settings
340785: KeyTime
340801: ICQ Notify enabled
340829: ICQ_OFF
340845: ICQ Notify disabled
340873: *NIS01*
340913: Software\Symantec\IAM\FirewallState
340957: BlockIGMP
340977: *NIS02*
340993: ICMPFilterEnabled
341021: *NIS03*
341037: Software\Symantec\IAM\Filters
341077: Filter Manager
341101: *NIS04*
341117: *NIS05*
341133: Software\Symantec\IAM\HTTPConfig
341177: FilterAds
341197: *NIS06*
341213: FilterExecutable
341241: *NIS07*
341257: FilterHTTP
341277: *NIS08*
341293: FilterPrivacy
341317: *NIS09*
341333: FilterPrivacyBrowse
341361: *NIS10*
341377: FilterPrivacyCookie
341405: *NIS11*
341421: BlockIPFragments
341449: *NIS12*
341465: DatagramReceiveAction
341497: *NIS13*
341513: CookieAssistand
341537: *NIS14*
341553: ExecutableAssistand
341581: *ANT01*
341597: Software\e-brainstorm\ANTS 2.0\
341637: IF3-Engine
341657: *ANT02*
341673: Trojan First Aid Kit
341705: *ANT03*
341721: Heuristik
341741: *ANT04*
341757: Nachfragen
341777: *ANT05*
341793: Sofort
341809: *ANT06*
341837: *ANT07*
341865: *ANT08*
341881: Modified
341901: *ANT09*
341917: Alle Scannen
341941: *ANT?*
341957: ANTS 2.0 installed
341985: ANTS 2.0 not found
342013: CLEAN?
342029: CLEAN5
342045: Software\MooSoft Development\The Cleaner\Options
342105: autoscan
342125: Autoscan disabled
342153: CLEAN51
342169: Autoscan enabled
342197: CLEAN1
342213: scanzips
342233: Scan ZIPs disabled
342261: CLEAN11
342277: Scan ZIPs enabled
342305: CLEAN2
342321: scanstealth
342341: Stealth Scan disabled
342373: CLEAN21
342389: Stealth Scan  enabled
342421: tcastartup
342441: TCAstartup disabled
342469: CLEAN31
342485: TCAstartup enabled
342513: CLEAN4
342529: ignore0
342545: Cleaner ignores 
Quite an impressive list, wouldn't you say? All of the strings are related to firewalls and anti-virus/anti-trojan programs. These include Innoculate-IT, BlackICE, Norton Internet Security, ANTS, The Cleaner and McAfee Firewall, to name a few. What worried me more is that the list seemed to include the registry keys related to the configuration entries for these applications, for example Software\MooSoft Development\The Cleaner\Options. What could the trojan be needing these for? I was determined to find out at this point...

The Trojan Client

Thinking now is as good a time as any to start the trojan client, I went ahead and did just that.

As you can see, the trojan server has let the client know that it found The Cleaner installed on the compromised system. What strikes you when you look at the toolbar of the trojan client are the two buttons with the tool-tips "Firewall Settings" and "Anti-Virus Settings". Below are screenshots of the windows that pop up when you click "Firewall Settings" and "Anti-Virus Settings", respectively.

What you can see when you look at the screenshots is that the trojan lets you remotely change the settings of the anti-virus/anti-trojan programs and firewalls. For example, take a look at the below "Cleaner" tab of the Anti-Virus control center of Buschtrommel:

Do you notice the label saying "Ignore" and the edit-box next to it? Guess what happens when you press "Apply"? That's right, the trojan will write a setting to the registry that will make The Cleaner ignore files with the extension .exe. After this setting has been applied, The Cleaner will happily skip the scanning of any trojan server files. Similar things can be achieved with the settings of other security software. You can tell firewalls to let the trojan communication take place or simply kill them so that they aren't running at all. All while the user doesn't have a clue that this is going on and thinks he is well protected by his firewall.


Trojan writers are getting ever sneakier with the tricks they use to ensure that their trojan will go undetected on a compromised system. Now you can't even trust your software firewall to be configured correctly, should you have caught the wrong trojan. I don't know what the vendors of these products are doing to ensure that this doesn't happen, but I fear that there isn't much hope left soon for those that are still using Windows 9x that lacks granular access control. Personally, I have already taken steps to ensure that the next release of TrojanHunter won't be vulnerable to this sort of attack. Let's hope other vendors do the same.