This page contains links to utilities that you may download and use free of charge. Many are the direct results of the ongoing research and development of TrojanHunter.

Netstat Viewer

Netstat Viewer is a handy GUI replacement for the command line application "netstat".

Version: 1.0
Released: 29 Sep 2002


No installation required! Simply unzip NetstatViewer.exe to any directory and run it.


LExE is a small freeware utility that lists all executable extensions on your system. The Windows registry entries that determine which files are executable can vary from system to system, and this program will find those extensions that are marked as executable on your particular Windows installation. You will also be able to see if there are any suspicious entries marked as executable - on most systems the list should just read .exe, .scr, .com, .bat and .pif.

Version: 1.1
Released: 17 Sep 2002


No installation required! Simply unzip LExE.exe to any directory and run it.

Latest Update

The latest updated detection rules were released 2014‑07‑28 and contains 658073 rules.

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